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AADA Summer Conference 2014 Printables

Changes in Leisure Activity Involvement in Widowed Older Adults: Revitalizing Lives through Volunteering
AADA Presentation 2014 PPT
Structural and Public Stigmas in the American Probation System: Effect of Deinstitutionalization on Criminalization of Mental Illness
Presentation for AADA Summer 2014
Demonstrating the Efficacy of Animal-Assisted Therapy
AAT Presentation-1
Counseling Young Adults with Chronic Diseases
Counseling Young Adults with Chronic Diseases poster
Beyond Frailty: What the Disability Rights Movement Can Teach Counselor Advocates
Beyond Frailty Handout
Psychological Effects of Trauma Work and Strategies for Enhancing Wellness
AADA 2014 LaFauci et al
Meeting the Complex Mental Health Needs in the Expanding Population of Impoverished, Diverse Elders
AADA Powerpoint
Moments of Silence, Moments of Awe: Meditation as an Antidote to Aging?
AADA – 2014
Aging Well: Counseling Older Adults Using a Strengths-Based Wellness Paradigm
Aging Well_Final Poster
Medicare, Mental Health, and the Greying of America
Medicare, Mental Health, and the Graying of America_handouts