Past Conferences


AADA has hosted numerous Summer conferences over the years!

The past decade, we have hosted our summer conference in the following cities:


2017 New York, NY

2016 New York, NY

2015 New York, NY
2014 Washington, DC
2013 New York, NY
2011 Williamsburg, VA
2010 Manhattan, NY
2009 Rochester, NY
2007 Beaumont, TX
2006 Montclair, NJ
2005 Albuquerque, NM
2003 Las Vegas, NV

The 2012 Summer Conference was held in beautiful Williamsburg, VA and boasted many fascinating in-depth seminars:

Adult Development Matters:
Fostering Resilience in Times of Crisis and Transition

Redesigning Life: Pathways to New Careers for the Older Worker

Economic Stress for Young Adults: Coping Strategies

Self-care, Earth-care: The Promise of Ecotherapy

Counseling Gay Men from an Identity Development Approach

Complementary and Integrative Therapies: What Counselors Need to Know
Eight is Not Enough: Older Adult Development Beyond Ego-Integration vs. Despair

Promoting Cultural Relativism in Adults: A Model and Study

Staying Sane and Remaining Humane: An Adlerian Approach for Understanding and Caring for Aging Relatives

Adult Working Women and Workplace Bullying: What Counselors Need to Know to Assist

Connection in Continuity: Integrating Cultural Relational Theory in Gerontological Counseling

Supporting Young Adult Development: Providing Comprehensive Services to Students Effected by Sexual Harassment on College Campuses

Using Visual Journaling and Expressive Techniques for Positive Coping in Adult Development

The Impact of Counseling with Homeless Women

Minimizing Effects of Working with Traumatic Material: Vicarious Trauma Among Counselors and Supervisors, and Educators

Self-acceptance from the Inside Out

Life Transitions for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

ACA Code of Ethics Standard A.9 – End of Life Care: Personal and Professional Attitudes andFeelings

Post-traumatic growth: Developing Wisdom in the Aftermath of Trauma

Caught in the Middle: Fostering Resilience for Women in the Sandwich Generation