Outstanding Research Award



Purpose of the Award

This is an award established in 1992 by Charlene M. Kampfe, AADA President 1992-93. The purpose of this award is to promote and recognize exceptional research that will contribute to the body of information regarding adult development and aging.

Evaluation Criteria

Relevance of Topic

♣ The topic is relevant to adult development and aging

Quality of Research Paper

♣ The paper presents sound scholarship;
♣ complete and clear literature review based on theory;
♣ clear and sound research design; valid and reliable instruments;
♣ appropriate discussion of findings using both past research and present findings

Future Promise of Implications

♣ The knowledge presented and the conclusions drawn must hold promise for the improvement of the counseling profession

Nomination Form – AADA Award Nomination Form 2018

Please send this form and all supporting documentation to assist the committee in designating the award recipient as e-mail attachments to the AADA Awards Committee  at aadaawards@gmail.com with the subject, “AADA Outstanding Research Award Nomination.”