The AADA Newsletter is an official publication of the Association for Adult Development and Aging, a division of the American Counseling Association.

AADA Newsletter Editor
Matthew Fullen

Excerpts from Fall 2015 Newsletter—
“Message from the President” by Wendy K. Killam, AADA President
It has been a wonderful year so far. We had a successful and productive conference and board meeting in August. Many friendships were made and renewed. I hope you were able to join us and that you will be able to join us at our events at ACA in Montreal. There are several AADA learning sessions as well as our awards meeting and breakfast. We are also offering a yoga session for the first time…

“Research to Practice: Bullying in Adulthood” by Amber Randolph
Considerable scholarly attention has been given particularly to the concept of childhood bullying in recent years, though adults are not immune from peer bullying. Approximately 23 million adults endure bullying, according to Margaret Kohut in The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies and Bullying at Work. Bullying behaviors are pervasive in our culture, especially in education and workplace settings. The following is a brief description of adult bullying, its impact, and prevention strategies to share with others…

“Membership Profile: Meet a Fellow AADA Member!” by Matthew Fullen
Sean Gorby

Sean is currently a PhD student in Counselor Education at The Ohio State University. Sean is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Wellness Counselor (CWC) in the state of Ohio. Sean received his Masters degree from Ohio University and his Bachelors degree from Malone University.

Sean joined AADA in 2015 and he brings a wide range of interests to the organization. He has presented on numerous topics that include aging, meaning and purpose, and pedagogy within counselor education. For instance, Sean’s work on postmodern approaches to pedagogy will be featured in an upcoming book chapter. Moreover, his applied research on wellness and older adults has contributed the improvement of the lives of many older people in Central Ohio. Sean will be joining the newly formed older adults task force that has been convened to expand older adults’ access to quality mental health services. Furthermore, Sean will be co-presenting on work with older adults at the 2016 ACA-CCPA Conference in Montreal…

“Adultspan News” by Suzanne Degges-White and Wendy Killam
The new editorial team for the journal, Suzanne Degges-White and Wendy Killam, are now fully immersed in the ScholarOne system, and after a few bumps, the processing of submissions is now moving along smoothly. We are excited to solicit manuscripts that support the initiatives of our ACA President, Dr. Thelma Duffey. Thus, we are actively seeking manuscripts that address either her professional advocacy or her anti-bullying/interpersonal violence initiatives. We would especially encourage articles that address elder abuse or bullying, areas that need more attention. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

We also would encourage interested members to consider serving as members of the Adultspan Editorial Board. If you are interested, please send your CV and a letter of interest that highlights your relevant editorial/publication experience to….

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