Who Joins AADA?

Counselors, service providers in the helping professions, family members, legislators, and other community service agencies and persons interested in matters related to the development and needs of adults across the lifespan are all encouraged to join AADA.

Membership Benefits
o ADULTSPAN Journal bi-annual Subscription
o Adultspan Newsletter, quarterly
o Professional development opportunities through participation in sponsored activities
o Leadership opportunities through committee activities or elected positions
o Valuable Resources
o Representation & Advocacy
o Networking opportunities with professionals who share similar activities and interests
o Connection to AADA listserv
Membership Categories and Fees

Professional $43 $163 $206.00
Regular $43 $163 $206.00
New Professional $26 $93 $119.00
Student $26 $93 $119.00
Retired $21.50 $93 $114.50

Or you may join as an Associate Member

AADA Membership Fee ACA Processing Fee Total
Regular Associate $43 $10 $53

To join, you may visit the ACA’s website at, and click “Join Today!”

If you are already an ACA member, then you can log into your account here, and click “add division,” and you will then have the opportunity to join the AADA. Click here to learn more about the ACA.

If you wish, you may also join the AADA through the ACA over the phone by calling 1-800-347-6647, or by mailing in a completed printable application form with your payment.