Distinguished Service

Distinguished Service


1. Purpose of Award: This perpetual award was established in 1987 by
David Capuzzi, President of AACD. This was a landmark year for
AADA, as it was established as an Organizational Affiliate of AACA in
the summer of 1986, and as a Division less than a year later in 1987. The
name of each year’s award recipient is added to the perpetual award,
which is maintained at ACA headquarters. In addition, a commemorative
plaque of recognition is provided to each recipient.

2. Criteria for Nomination:
a. NATURE OF SERVICE: Professional service is defined as
work done or duties performed primarily with the intent of benefiting
or giving service to others rather than for personal gain. This work
should be of a nature to promote growth of the profession relative
to the needs of adults across the life span. It should have wider
perspective and reflect general efforts and effects rather than being
limited in scope.

service efforts must be concerned primarily with the profession in
general as related to the interests of AADA.

c. SIGNIFICANCE OF SERVICE: The nominee has a history of
activity resulting in expanding and extending the horizons of the
profession in any or all of the following: across the life span; efforts to
impact other professions in relation to the needs of adults across the life
span; efforts to identify needs of the public and provide services to
meet those needs for adults across the life span; efforts to enlarge the
potential clientele for service delivery across the life span; efforts to
promote the concerns of adults across the life span within the
counseling and helping professions.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Evidence of substantive work, beyond the call
of duty, to improve professional practices and the contributions of
counselors to meeting the needs of adults across the life span. There
should be a history of substantial efforts to create and improve
opportunities for adults and especially older adults to realize their full
potential by evidence or work done or duties presentations and
publications, and other evidence of sensitivity to the needs of adults
across the life span.

Nomination Form – AADA Award Nomination Form 2018

Please send this form and all supporting documentation to assist the committee in designating the award recipient as e-mail attachments to the AADA Awards Committee at aadaawards@gmail.com with the subject, “AADA Distinguished Service Award Nomination.”