AADA Awards

Call for Awards Nominations and Grants Proposals:

The Association for Adult Development and Aging (AADA) Awards Committee welcomes nominations for the following awards: Distinguished Service, Outstanding Branch Division, Outstanding Research, Government Relations, and Outstanding Advocacy in Adult Development and Aging. We are also accepting grant proposals for one $500 Research Grant focusing on research for adults across the lifespan and one $500 Evelyn Chasan Research Grant. The Evelyn Chasan Research Grant is reserved for research specifically on older adults.

The deadline for nominations and all supporting documents is March 16, 2018. The awards will be presented at the 2018 ACA conference in Atlanta during the AADA Business Meeting.

Please send your nominations and supporting documents to the Awards Committee co-chair at aadaawards@gmail.com. All nominees must be current members of AADA.

The instructions and forms for submitting nominations are detailed on our website. To access, logon to the AADA website at www.aadaweb.org, click “AADA Awards” to find specific details, instructions, and criteria for each award and grant.

Rebecca Earhart Michel, Ph.D., LCPC
DePaul University
Counseling and Special Education